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The Future Trends In Wireless Technologies

The future is simple, convenient, freeing and most importantly, wireless.

We are currently experiencing a world transitioning from a complicated web of wires into a clutter-free wireless environment.

Though we’ve already had a taste of the wireless world via WiFi, Bluetooth and IoT tech and gadgets, the best is yet to come. In the next 5 years, we will be experiencing wireless technology in areas of entertainment, security, education, medical, communication and so much more.

Here are some future trends supported by wireless technology:

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LiFi And Higher Transmission

As opposed to WiFi, the Light Fidelity technology is entirely wireless and uses light instead of radio frequency to transfer data. This technology offers a wider bandwidth and safe transmission uninterrupted by electromagnetic interference. This makes LiFi ideal for the aircraft, medical and even nuclear power plant sectors.

The mode of visible light, ultraviolet and infra-red light offers a bigger bandwidth and therefore, a higher transmission rate.

IoT & Wireless Sensing

Wireless sensors enable IoT connectivity and implementation. In – built sensors in systems and appliances allow customized experiences such as preferred room temperature or lighting. Apart from such smart home or smart office applications, wireless sensors can aid medical diagnosis, security measures and tailor learning devices as per learner type and ability.

In the IoT – driven world, with multiple devices being connected via wireless technology, we can look forward to smooth, automated functioning of robots, drones, industrial machinery and even self-driving cars, especially in the upcoming latency-free 5G, or even, 6G network.

Bluetooth & Wireless Audio Devices

We know Bluetooth technology as a short-range platform to connect our speakers, phones, laptops and that’s exactly what it is. Over time, we can expect larger data packets to enable large file transfers, more devices via better Bluetooth connectivity and quality.

The Bluetooth – aided wireless audio industry is a booming one.

An upcoming trend that can be forecasted is the rampant usage of wireless headphones as opposed to the wired ones that accompany most mobile phones currently. Brand new Bluetooth audio architecture with enhanced playback quality and lower latency is entering the music, home theater and gaming industries.

6G Network

Every generation of the internet represents new technologies and innovations. It is predicted that a version of the 6G network can be experienced by the year 2030. This will bring with it super – connected smart cities, homes and offices, advanced robotics operating in all areas of manufacturing and production, artificial intelligence supporting our day – to – day living, and superb VR and AR applications. It will be more powerful than 5G in terms of speed and of course, latency. Few hundred gigabit of data per second instead of 5G’s 1Gbps.

We may also see new ways to transmitting huge amounts of data over the current cell towers set-up.

Added to which, the likes of LiFi, Bluetooth and IoT are sure to bring in an entire range of sleek, top notch appliances and gadgets to make our lives even simpler, more convenient and freer of complicated systems.



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