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Wireless Communication Technologies Types and Advantages

The terminology wireless holds a reference to the transmission of information or communication over distance and in the absence of cables, wires, or any other conductors as such. This happens to be one of the most significant media for data transmission to other devices. The communication gets set and subsequently, information gets transmitted through air, with the application of electromagnetic waves like satellite, infrared, radio frequencies through a network for communication technology.


Different technologies of wireless communication


In contemporary times, the technology of wireless communication has taken an integral shape as it enables users to establish a communication from remote areas. Devices utilized for wireless communications are mobile, cordless telephones, ZigBee Technology, GPS units, cordless computer parts as well as satellite televisions.


  • Satellite: this is one of the forms of wireless technology and in today’s time, it has been a major technological orientation that enables users to establish virtual connectivity. Satellite utilized in this form of communication paves the way for direct communication with orbiting satellites through radio signals. Portable modems and satellite phones feature robust broadcasting capabilities than the usual cellular devices as it holds higher ranges. However, this is much more expensive than the cellular communications.
  • Wireless Networking: This technology establishes connectivity between multiple systems, computers, as well as devices along with requiring cables and wires.
  • WiMax: these are the systems of wireless broadband that provide high-speed web browsing experience without the need to connect through DSL or cable. Though this technology holds the potential to deliver data over the speed of 30 Megabits each second, still the providers provide a rate of data of 6 MBPS. As the speed often drops down than this speed, the system turns significantly slower as compared with the broadband coming with hardware. The costing for availing this technology varies, depending on span from the transmitter. This is one of the forms of 4G network that can be used through cellular devices.
  • WI-FI: This is one of the forms of the low-power system of wireless communication that is utilized in devices like systems, laptops as well as Smartphone. The wireless router serves the communication hub in this regard.
  • Bluetooth: This technology enables the users to establish a connection between arrays of electronic devices without wireless, paving the way for sharing and transfer of data from one device to another.


What are the advantages in adopting wireless communication technology?


  • Easy and convenient to integrate: the biggest advantage offered by the wireless communication system is that it is extremely simple to integrate. Users can access the network resources through this technology from all
    suitable locations.
  • Mobility: The evolution of the public wireless system has empowered users to access the web domain from remote locations.
  • Expandability: this system holds the capacity to support the drastic rise in the volume of traffic with the existing set of equipment. For wired network, users will have to establish additional wiring.


The points of benefits discussed above accounts for the reasons for the rising popularity of the wireless communication technology.



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