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Wireless Technology Trends

Wireless technology is everywhere and it changes every now and then. It is the new trend. In an office setting, you must have Wi-Fi, as this will help improve productivity of your employees. It will also help you improve on the services you offer your customers.

You need this technology on Bluetooth, mobile printers, and all security installations in your office. Businesses depend on wireless technology now more than at any other time. Technology evolves and improves every day.

You have to keep track of everything happening. Below are some of the advancements in the wireless technology world.

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  •  WiGig: high-speed Wireless

The technical specs are 802.11ad, and it connects at high speeds of 10Gbps. It uses a radio band of 60GHz. If you have an office, you can use this gadget on your video cameras. They send high quality signal using Wi-Fi. This reduces the dependency on wires, which loosen from time to time.

  • Bluetooth smart: same Tech, Less Energy

This wireless technology is short-range. It works more efficiently than the existing Bluetooth. Though both send connections over a 30-foot radius, the Bluetooth smart technology will use less power and it keeps sending signals constantly.

  • Apple iBeacon: Transmit Retail Deals to ios Devices

The concept of the iBeacon uses the apple technology to send signal to your iPad or iPhone. When you walk through a store, your phone connects and you get a discount. It works over a short range.

The beacon release information that other apps on your phone can pick. The in store sensor network give product information to shoppers.

  • Cisco Intelligent Proximity: Wireless Content Sharing

This gadget is for those who participate in videoconferencing. Your Android and iOS device will connect automatically the moment you are near the Cisco system.

You can use this technology of Cisco IntelligentProximity Wireless Content Sharing for your presentations. You can also use it in other documents in HD video meetings. This system uses Wi-Fi and senses proximity to the system.

  • Wireless in the car: safely stay productive on the go

This new device will revolutionize wireless streaming in cars. You can access data over a wireless platform over 4G LTE in your car.

It will work flawlessly without any hitches. The data can be shared among seven people who are in your car.

  • Cloud-managed WLAN

The cloud managed WLAN is becoming very popular. It is expected to grow even more in the coming days. On premises WLAN is becoming outdated and its supportability and quality degrading fast.

The on premise WLAN has so much bugs and it is not consistent as it keeps breaking down. Most businesses are looking for something that works very fast. It should be easy to understand and use. With the cloud managed WLAN you do not have to upgrade your servers every now and then.


Clearly, the growth of wireless technology is very fast. The steady growth is driven by innovation and demand in the market. The advancement in technology is changing our lives in a positive manner. The trends show the momentum will keep going.



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