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Awesome Wi-Fi Facts You Probably Did Not Know

WiFi happens to be a technology that makes use of radio waves for transferring information from one electronic device to another. WiFi has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is strange as a majority of us have a limited understanding of what it is. Here are few surprising facts about WiFi.


WiFi is highly obnoxious to interference


WiFi is highly prone to interference. This may lead to buffering of videos and similar issues. This happens due to a dropping in the signal strength which is a result of interference. WiFi makes use of radio waves for sending signals which can go via the walls but interfere paths at times with other radio waves at identical frequencies.



As per the statistics, almost 4 billion WiFi devices are in use in these days. The issues with interference have enhanced steadily in these days. These are inclusive of devices such as cameras, WiFi enabled TVS and baby monitors. Other devices that are counted to be responsible for the creation of issues are inclusive of wireless keyboard, mouse, and similar Bluetooth devices. This creates more issues for WiFi that uses 2.4 GHz. However, even WiFi that uses 5GHz is susceptible to interference.


WiFi is not identical to the internet


Though we all consider WiFi as the internet, the actual scenario is actually different. The internet is considered to be a giant network which is comprised of local and smaller networks. Your devices can access the giant network with the aid of router. It is possible to have a local network such as wireless and cabled without a router. With the aid of WiFi, it is possible to connect the devices without any need of accessing the internet.


For instance, a local network is inclusive of your computer, network, and wireless printer. It is possible to send PDF to the printer from a computer with the assistance of WiFi connection. Streaming content from computer to television can also be accomplished by the use of wireless HDMI device.


Though 4.5 GHz is considered to be faster, 2.4 GHz is believed to reach more


The majority of people believe that 5 GHz is better than 2.4 GHz. It is because of the fact that it witnesses reduced interference from all other devices. It is also recognized to be faster. However 2.4 GHz is capable of reaching further owing to physics.


Lower frequencies such as 2.4 GHz are able to penetrate solid objects at ease owing to higher frequencies. This is owing to the fact, that 2.4 GHz has the capability of traveling further. A higher frequency such as 5 GHz, on the other hand, is beneficial for transmitting data at a faster rate. However, it is not capable of reaching a far range.


You are blocking WiFi

WiFi is considered to be a perfect signal blocker. As the human body is comprised of 75 percent water and hence body can reduce the strength of WiFi signal in a significant manner. Hence, it is a prerequisite to placing the router close to the devices that require access to the internet. You should ensure at the same time that you are not obstructing the signal.

With more use of world wide web, our dependence on WiFi has grown many folds in these days. It is good to have a brief knowledge about this widely used technology.



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