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Evolution of Wireless Technologies in Computers

To describe the present time technologically, you can say that you are living in a world of wireless culture. Having Wi-Fi system enables you to connect your computer or laptops to internet hotspots and the smartphones have brought the whole world inside your palm. To understand the advantages of wireless connections, you can get an idea of the step-by-step evolution of wireless technology.

The First Step- The First Generation Wireless Communication

It is the analog technology. This technology utilized a base station through which the modulated and higher-frequency data were transmitted from one mobile to another. Under the first generation technology, several standards were developed in different regions. To mention few names are-

  • TACS (Total Access Communication Systems)
  • AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System)
  • NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone)

The first system was developed in the UK while the second and third ones were developed in the US and in Eastern Europe, respectively.

Golden Era of Wireless Mobile Application- Decade of the 1980s

With the advent of the GSM technology, the golden era of wireless communication takes a peak. The 2nd Generation digital communication system came into the picture, and it has brought far to near. Long distance communication becomes the easiest way. With the advancement of the 2G system, the telecommunication operators, and the cellular equipment vendors watched the maximum financial benefits as the number of mobile users increased to some great extent.

It was the GSM system that enables people to make voice calls, and the Short-message System (SMS) won theheart of theentire world. The real-time data transfer became so immensely popular that people didn’t care about the cost of call at per minute and cost of messages which was per message. Even, there were additional costs like buying the SIM and obviously, the mobile phone were deemed to all as they were getting exclusive data transferring benefits.

Invention of GPRS- Decade of the 1990s

With so much popularity of wireless data transmission, the next generation of wireless communication appears to the arena. It was the era of GPRS or General Packet Radio Service. This begins the system of connecting the internet through wireless communication. It made life super easy for the users as they can now check their emails over phones browse several sites and also continue chatting with their friends. Still, challenges were there as the bit rates were increased and too much traffic slower the data transfer rate. To solve this issue, EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for Global Evolution) came into the picture. Due to this new advancement, cellular phone makers were getting into making such devices which can be matched to this advance technology. With these new types of technology and devices, making voice calls, sending SMSs, surfing the internet and downloading data became too easy to all.

Advent of Wi-Fi Connection

Now, finally, it was the time. It was the sunny summer of 2000 when the advancement of wireless technologies was ushered upon the international group 3GG who were responsible for bringing out the 3G (Third Generation) wireless technology. It was known as UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System).

At present the super fast 4G connection is coming to the market and the entire wireless technology has got so much incorporated into ahuman civilization that we can expect for further growth.




Hi! The world of technology is ever evolving in nature and the technology that was invented and dominated the world a few years ago perhaps no longer exists and rest in the record books or history,