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Is Bluetooth the Best Wireless Technology Till Date

Imagining our lives without the wireless technology has become really difficult now. Wireless technology has made communication possible in the remote rural areas very convenient as well. Our daily activities have been affected by the wireless communication. The smartphones enable us to receive emails and messages almost any time of the day, no matter where we are. In fact, wireless hotspots are also very easy to find nowadays. People who are miles and miles away from us are able to contact with us almost every day, within seconds.

Talking about one of the oldest forms of wireless technology, Bluetooth, it allows mobile phones to communicate with other mobile phones or computers. Talking about whether Bluetooth is the best wireless technology till date, well, there are even better wireless technologies that have come up now, and there is a definite need to discuss few of the best.

  • WiGig

The WiGig is a new high speed wireless Wi-Fi protocol that connects at 10Gbps speed using the radio band of 60GHz. The latest 802.11 ac can connect up to 1gbps by using the radio band of 40GHz. There are corporate buildings that prefer to send signal using Wi-Fi instead of the wired connection.

  • The Bluetooth Smart

The new Bluetooth Smart has an added and special advantage over the already existing Bluetooth. Bluetooth uses a lot of power and sends out signals constantly whereas the Bluetooth Smart is just the opposite. It uses less power as compared to Bluetooth and doesn’t constantly send out signals. This year, the businesses have already started using this technology and the next year, this technology will be used for authentication as well as collaboration.

  • Apple iBeacon

The iBeacon concept is dependent on the Apple technology though it is almost similar to the Bluetooth Smart. A signal transmitted over to the iPhone or the iPad helps the iBeacon technology to work. When you are walking by a store shelf, your phone automatically connects over to a short range and receives ahuge discount. The iBeacon emits a huge amount of information that is collected up by the application on the phones of the users.

  • Cisco Intelligent Proximity

The Cisco Intelligent Proximity is one of the most unusual forms of wireless technologies. In this, your Android or IOS device connect to the telepresence gear using the Cisco system as soon as you enter your room. This helps you in gathering the presentations or documents that you need during any video meeting. The Cisco MX200 and Cisco MX300 are supporting the system’s service. Wi-Fi senses are used by the device, and it helps in authenticating the access automatically.

Bluetooth definitely is one of the best wireless technologies that is available, but there are many other technologies, as mentioned above that have already developed, and technologies that are still developing. In a few years, wireless technology will reach a whole new level, and the advantages that we are getting today will double itself, making wireless communication easier and faster as compared to today’s date.



Hi! The world of technology is ever evolving in nature and the technology that was invented and dominated the world a few years ago perhaps no longer exists and rest in the record books or history,