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History of Wireless Technologies

Whenever you share pictures or data through Bluetooth or use Wi-Fi connection to make your video conferences more clear and vivid, you feel each time the benefits of wireless technologies. It is that technological advancement which has given speed to our life. All of us get huge advantages of wireless technologies, but very few of you know about the background of this high-fi invention. Today, we will talk about the history of wireless technology which will really interest you to use it more.

The Initial Stage- Names Associated with It

You will be surprised to know that the history of wireless technology has dated back to 19th century. Primarily, the credit goes to Michael Faraday as he is responsible for the invention of electromagnetic induction. Later, James Maxwell gave a shape to this invention by coming up with Maxwell’s Equation and finally, the credit goes to Guglielmo Marconi who developed the first wireless telegraph system in 1896.

We know the key function of wireless technology is to set wireless communication through which sender can send information to several receivers who are not connected with him through any electric connector. The invention of Marconi established the way of this advanced though as he was the first who sent awireless signal more than one and a half miles. His message traveled 6 kilometers, and it was “Are You Ready?” People take few decades to get ready and walk on his path that he showed much earlier.

Importance of Two Years- 1946 and 1947

While discussing history, you have to concentrate on the timelines to keep the pace of the incidents. Due to the invention of electromagnetic waves, the radio services were started full on. Soon, scientists started to think about the possibilities of inventing devices which are based on automatic domestic microcontroller.

If you concentrate on the years that are mentioned, you will get to know that these years were very important in the history of world politics. The 2nd World War has just ended up, and the whole world is getting freedom from colonial bondage. Under such circumstances, it became very important to communicate with each other faster. On that note, the first American Commercial Mobile Radiotelephone services were introduced to private customers in the year 1946, on June 17. The FCC granted Southwestern Bell the radiotelephone licenses.

Invention can’t be stopped there only. In the next year, in 1947, three scientists (John Bardeen, William Shockley, and Walter Brattain) joined hands to invent the transistor. It makes possible to bridge a connection between communication and computer.

The Birth of Wi-Fi

In 1962, the first communication satellite, Telstar, was launched. Before that, the TV shows and other communication were done by microwave towers. But, now, the limit is over thesea. Soon, in the year 1968, the ARPANET was developed by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. It was the predecessors of present day internet.

1979 was a crucial year when the first automatic cellular network was developed. People get one step closer to the advent of Wi-Fi network.

Finally, it was the year, 1997, when the Wi-Fi was first launched and delivered by a committee 802.11. While setting up the WLAN, the name of the setting standards was IEEE802.11.



Hi! The world of technology is ever evolving in nature and the technology that was invented and dominated the world a few years ago perhaps no longer exists and rest in the record books or history,